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About Us

Who Are We?

Viskou is a company dedicated to the acquisition, development and distribution of technology and solutions for video surveillance. Since it was established in 2014, Viskou has been offering customers high quality products and solutions at competitive prices. We have a team of dedicated sales and technical specialists with a broad range of professional experience to guide and advise you on the best products or solutions. We are constantly looking for new ways and keeping up with the latest technological advancement so that we can find the best match for our customers. Viskou is constantly expanding its catalogue range to meet the needs of our customers and also incorporating the latest technological novelties.

Our History

Your Advanced Technological Partner for Years

We Strive for Service Excellence

Our mission is to create a one-stop shopping platform capable of offering innovation and efficiency. We are continuously trying to source and introduce new solutions and products based on the latest cutting-edge technologies to the market. With Viskou around, we will not compromise, we are committed to what we do and that is why we always go all in to deliver only the best.

Why Us?

With an ever expanding catalogue of products, Viskou is always on the look out for the best innovative solutions to recommend our customer and clients. Viskou offers a variety of surveillance and commercial electronic products. We drive our industry by supplying and recommending efficient and newest products with new cutting edge technology to our customers based on their needs. Viskou serves thousands of clients islandwide in various industries including education, transportation, government agencies, financial establishments, technology clusters and more. Our customers can easily access our services from their personal computers or mobile devices.

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Viskou, we partner with many top-tier brands and manufacturers to bring you cutting edge technologies, techniques, and management abilities. After production, items are inspected and tested by our experienced technicians before they are released into the market. Viskou’s items are backed by local (Singapore) certifications and more.

Intelligent Digital Platform

Users have access to substantial support on Viskou.com. Viskou provides a vast inventory and multiple customization options. Each product is listed with in-depth specifications and installation guides. If more assistance is needed, customers can contact our sales or technicians for help and guidance. Additionally, after placing an order, customer can check their order status in their account.

Worry-Free Service

With a stocked inventory of common products, Viskou ensures that in-demand products are readily available upon order. Our products are normally shipped out within 2 working days to ensure you get your order as soon as possible. We also offers a wide range of payment options and plans to suit your needs. Viskou also provides a sales manager, free professional technical support for each of our customer.

Trusted by thousands of clients islandwide