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Net Terms

Net Terms

We offer net terms for payment to help you manage your spendings, simply contact us or you can contact your sales account manager for more information.

Why Apply for Net Terms?

  • Help businesses manage budget better by delaying cash outflows
  • Making purchasing process more efficient, allowing faster delivery and payment security
  • Get all your invoices managed and consolidated in a batch to reduce time for payment approval

How do I apply for Net Terms?

30 days Net Terms is our standard term, we support multiple different payment methods (Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque, etc). After submitting the credit application form, please allow at least 2-3 working days for processing. You will be informed via email regarding the application status.

Steps to Apply

Who is eligible to apply for Net Terms?

Enterprises, organizations and governments agencies are eligible to apply.The account holder can authorize team members to use the credit line.
Please contact your sales account manager to acquire authorization as certain reveiwing documents may be required.

How to place an order with Net Terms?

For Net Terms orders, do contact your sales account manager or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will advice you from there.